Virtuosity, where every rep really makes a difference

The Virtuosity Foundation is a non-profit company (Registration number: 2017/413428/08), established to host fitness events in support of existing literacy initiatives in South Africa.

Our current beneficiary and partner is the Read to Rise Foundation; that aims to put books in the hands of Gr 2 to Gr 4 learners, inspiring them to rise through reading.Funds raised through the hosting of fitness events are utilised towards the purchase of books to support the Read to Rise initiative.

I always believed exercise is a key not only to physical health but peace of mind.

                                                                                         – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Our events aim to use the one thing that we use every day to keep ourselves healthy, in body and mind, to make a positive difference in the lives of children. Children need to read in order to rise in their personal development and contribution to society. The Read to Rise initiatives not only aim to empower children to read but also equip them to do it.

learners reading
Learners from Makhoarane Primary School reading their new Oaky books

The Virtuosity Games

The Virtuosity Games builds on the concept of what gets measured, gets improved. Every athlete has the need to know how good they are and how much progress they have made.

The Virtuosity Games allows athletes to test themselves across different elements of fitness.  Each event is different and contains a set of workouts designed to measure an athletes overall level of fitness.  Workouts can include but are not limited to running, rowing, core exercises, gymnastics and barbell movements such as the clean and weighted squat.

Workouts are generally done in teams of 3 in order to promote a sense of community and team work.  Some events and/or workouts may include individual components for those athletes who want to benchmark their individual performances.

There are always at least 3 levels of competition; beginner (scaled), intermediate and elite.  This allows the events to be as inclusive as possible.

athletes competing
Athletes competing at the Virtuosity Games 17.1 at CrossFit Platinum