Experiencing the Read to Rise program first hand

Read to Rise school visit

So privileged to have joined Steve and the team on their visit to Makhoarane Primary School.  Such a well thought out and effective program presented to the kids.

The process observed

Step 1: introduce them to new vocabulary (for the older kids – language principle) through active participation on charts.

Step 2: Read the story to them.

Step 3: Engage with them through asking them “comprehension” questions.

Step 4: Ask then about the life lesson in the story.

Step 5: Give them their own books.

Step 6: Everyone reads aloud, reinforcing they can all read.

Step 7: Sing a song (with actions) reinforcing what was learnt.

We presented to a “new group” of Grade 3 pupils who exposed to Oaky for the first time and to a Grade 4 group receiving their 3rd book in the Oaky series.

The highlight for me, seeing how excited the Grade 4 group was to see Steve and the team return and how much they remembered from the previous sessions. A clear indicator that this is an effective program !!!

Thank you again to all our athletes, partners and sponsors for making this possible.

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